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Tournament Schedule

Time Commitment

Travel and Lodging

Team Parent


Financial Obligations

Tryouts and Team Formation

Meaningful Playing Time



Practices START FIRST SUNDAY IN NOVEMBER and are closed to the parents. We do this to reduce to distraction that come with parents watching. Starting Sunday, January 9 - Parents may come watch the last 15 min. on Sundays only . (Tues & Thurs are closed-NO PARENTS allowed) We ask that you drop your child off and then come back to pick them up. Generally, each team will practice twice a week; usually Sunday and either Tuesday or Thursday. *In November/December all teams may have additional practices because of the gym's holidays availability. *If for some reason we (CLUB) cancel a practice, we will do our very best to make up that practice as soon as we can. (NO GUARANTEE) Players are expected to attend every practice. Missing practice will have consequences.

We will provide you with a tournament schedule as soon as all teams are set. We reserve the right to adjust this schedule as necessary based upon team preparation, player's commitment, tuition payment receipts and unforeseen circumstances. In the event a tournament is missed or cancelled we will make every reasonable effort to replace it. ( NO GUARANTEE-NO REFUNDS) If we cannot replace the tournament, we cannot issue a refund or a discount as tournaments are beyond our control. 

Players must attend practices and tournaments! Please adjust your personal schedule to meet these requirements. Failure to attend practice and/or tournaments will most likely result in decreased playing time. Additionally for all teams we expect our players to maintain at least a "B" average in their studies. Keeping up the academic work is as important as playing volleyball.

Parents are responsible for all transportation expenses for their daughter. RGV Volleyball will have team parent to arrange hotel, transportation an airfare for only Elite Teams that travel out of state. We will though post information on one or two hotels in the San Antonio, Houston and Austin area.  But you are not obligated to stay in those hotels.  The cost will be less expensive if we all book a certain number of rooms at those hotels.  

We ask that each team have a "team parent" who serves as the representative for hotel information, tournament info and usually for managing food/snacks and communicating issues with the club director. 

Fees cover the cost of running the club/private lessons or any other events: facility rental, USAV individual fees (not included), Region/National tournament fees, administrative fees, equipment, uniforms and other ancillary costs. Please parents understand that RGV Jrs does not give refunds (No exceptions-No refunds). We will do everything on our power to reschedule a missed tournament. As you well know those are out of our control. Parent be very clear, if a student/parent leave or drops from the RGV club, you are still responsible to pay off your contract in full. All fees are an have been calculated on your participation and finishing the club season. You will receive a certified letter from our club acknowledging your responsibilities to pay off your balance in full. If not paid within the two  weeks of departure or and the last official club practice, a second letter will be sent to our RGV Jrs attorney, where there you will experience legal matters. *All deposits are non-refundable. Deposits are set for those who commit to secure
​their spot on the team. Deposits are used to pay for facility, staff, registration, facebook, website, etc.
(A Lien on businesses, house, homes or any other properties until your balance is paid. Legal actions will follow)  


RGV volleyball, like any other business, runs on having sufficient funds and the proper cash flow. Your payments are due in full and on time. Payments are made on the 1st Sunday of the month and are late on the 5th day. (A $10 per week will be added to those contracts that are late until balances are up to date). Failure to meet these obligations will result in the affected player losing the privileges to practice, no uniforms  and the ability to play in tournaments until your account is current. If you join RGV Volleyball, you are committed to pay the entire annual club fee. Checks or money orders must be made to RGV Jrs Volleyball and may be handed to our Business Manager (tba) at the gym or can also be mailed to 905 Crown Circle, Edinburg Texas 78539. Please do not give payments to our coaching staff.

Our tryouts are an assessment of current skills, an identification of playing potential, a brief look at court movement and court sense, and short look at attitude, desire, and dedication. Our goal is to place 10 to 12 players on each team. Our experience has shown that a team with fewer than 10 players cannot sustain itself during the five months of club season. Our Club Director will make specific coaching assignments at a time most beneficial to the operation of the club. We do not promise any player that she may play for a specific coach as we do not promise coaches that they may coach a specific team or age group. Our goal is to line up the right player, on the right team, with the right coach.

Parents/players, starting Sunday in January, our coaching staff will start taking attendance. Note that *for every missed practice your daughter will sit out one entire set. Please remember; you don't pay us to play your daughter, you pay us to train her. However, early in the season we highly encourage our coaches to play everyone as much as possible so that by mid March our coaches can establish the best possible rotation for the team. Our coaches have the discretion of playing their most productive and effective team member. Playing time is also influenced by practice attendance, timeliness, attitude, work ethics and the status of club dues.

All RGV members are expected to display respect, sportsmanship and dignity regardless of the result of play, the conditions of play, or the efforts and behaviors of others. Additionally, during all tournaments, we expect the players to stay together, to eat and hang out together as a team. We have found that this helps build a team. Without this social connection, we simply do not have a team. We ask that the parents work with us on these team building areas. This is one of the great benefits of club sports! During all overnight trips, supervision of the players is the responsibility of the parents. During out of town trips, head coaches may establish a curfew, have meetings, or conduct some team building exercises. We expect parents to support these activities. In any case, inappropriate behavior will NOT be tolerated and players who violate this policy will be sent home and may be dismissed from the club.

Parents are strictly forbidden to discuss any issues with a coach during tournament play! If your child has an issue with her team or coach, (she the player) must first address that issue with her coach. This is one of the ways we can help the girls learn responsibility. To help our players become responsible adults, we ask that the players take control of their own situations. If the parent has issues or concerns with one of coaches or staff, such as your child's playing time or any other individual. The procedure is very clear, Please discuss with the Director and not the team's coach. Please contact Mr. Oscar Segovia as soon as possible at (956)343-4664 to resolve your concern. Our staff has been told not to reply to upset or negative parent's texts. An individual parent meeting can be set up on Mondays or Wednesdays from 6pm to 9pm only. RGV Jrs will never have negative team meetings on issues or concerns on so called "team problems". There are no team problems, only unhappy individual parents. If we are fortunate to have Mr. Oscar Segovia coaching at our tournaments, he has a simple policy/rule "NO PARENT conference meeting NO EXCEPTIONS". 

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