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HIGHWAY 83 2024

RGV Jrs. HWY 83 in cooperation with Donna I.S.D., will be hosting the biggest summer female volleyball event in South Texas. Thank you to all  High School Coaches & players/parents in your preparation for the 2024 Volleyball District Championships. 






League begins on Monday July 8th, and will take place on the 10, 15, 17, 22, 24 & 29 of July.
Championship Day will take place on July 29th for all 4 divisions.
All game play begins at 6P.M.
Donna North High School - Donna, TX
• No official's judgment calls can be protested
• Must have 10 to 12 HWY 83 paid registered players on the roster
• Registered players can only play on one team
• Head Coach must be the R-2 Ref for all matches (must have whistle ready in mouth when officiating)

• No player is allowed to be R-2 REF 
• FORFEIT RULE: Team has 5 minutes; rule begins after the Official awards your side to warm-up. 
• FORFEIT FINE: $20 any team not having 6 players on the floor ready to play or officiating crew (must be paid before the following match/day is played)
• There are no HWY 83 team or individual refunds 
• Team deposit of $150 can be made to secure your spot - non refundable   

•No outside food or drinks will be allowed inside the gym, as there will be a concession stand available
•District police officer and security will be on site at all times

•ADMISSION FEE: $tba per person, per day and is CASH ONLY. Children 5 and under are free.                              
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